Regional programmes

The Energy Transitions Commission (ETC) offers a singular and trusted authority in public debate on the energy transitions around the world, by positioning itself as an ambitious, analytically robust and industry-backed voice. Our influence currently spans seven key regions across the globe: Australia, Canada, China, India, Japan, Europe, and the United States.

Regional programmes

In each region, we work with local delivery partners to:

  • Develop a vision of how to speed up the national energy transition, leveraging both global insights and local knowledge;
  • Crystallise a corporate voice in support of policies aligned with a net-zero target;
  • Engage with policymakers to inform long-term national strategies and the revision of their Nationally Determined Contributions ahead of COP-26.

We endeavour to share learnings across regions to ensure cross-fertilisation of ideas and practices. Regional insights also inform and enrich our global perspectives.

Our international reach continues to expand regularly through new collaborations with programmes or initiatives either directly or loosely related to the ETC which deliver valuable insights into how the path to net-zero emissions will vary from one country to the other.


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