The ETC has published a Consultation Paper as part of its 2021 Negative Emissions workstream. The paper, which can be accessed here, aims to provide a conceptual framework to assess the role of carbon dioxide removals to reach net-zero.


The Consultation form, accessible via an online link until the end of June, will gather perspectives from stakeholders in industry and the climate science community on the appropriate and feasible role of carbon dioxide removal in net-zero pathways. One of the underlying assumptions is that emission reduction targets are essential to get to net-zero in 2050, and that carbon dioxide removals should complement, not replace, emission reduction measures.

The paper assesses the need for carbon removals, the technologies which can provide them, and alternative options for financing them. Illustrative scenarios are used to provide indicative orders of magnitude; estimates will be refined through more detailed sectoral work (undertaken in partnership with the Mission Possible Partnership) over the coming months.

The ETC welcomes responses to this Consultation Paper. Comments can be provided via this dedicated online Consultation form which can be accessed until Wednesday June 30th 2021. The ETC will also consult via virtual fora during the second and third quarters of 2021, participants should indicate interest in joining such conversations via the consultation form. Responses received will inform an updated report to be published later in 2021.